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Ecological Restoration

Catalyzing conservation through tech-enabled land management

Nature-based offsets

Gazelle restores grasslands to fight climate change 


Optimize stocking

We help ranchers adopt sustainable practices maintaining carrying capacity 

Sequester Carbon

Protecting grasslands helps improve their carbon sequestration potential

Offset Emissions

We list verified offsets to help organizations reach net-zero

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Why grasslands

Changing Kalahari

The Kalahari is home to some of Africa's largest protected wildlife areas and natural beauty. Unfortunately, the ongoing cycle of overgrazing, land degradation, and encroachment into wildlife areas threatens its future. These grasslands cover 40% of our planet's surface, hold 15% of global soil carbon, and are home to a third of humanity. That's why Gazelle's mission is to catalyze ecological restoration at-scale.

Digital Landscapes Lab research in Botswana

Our  progress

Climate Impact

What we've done and where we're headed


UN SDGs hit


Acres of protected savannahs


Tonnes of CO2 emissions offset


Environental Science Hub

Research Partners

Gazelle is partnered with the Kalahari Science Institute, one of the only permanent research stations in the Botswana Kalahari. The KSI is operated by local partners at the MODISA Wildlife Project and supports environmental science, community awareness programs, and is our logistics hub for fieldwork. Our research station will be equipped with a new wet lab, herbarium, and conference facilities by summer 2023.

Aerial view of Kgalagadi South District, Botswana 


Get in touch

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