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                                            focused on building quality nature-based projects in the scope of Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) using Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or other protocols

Project Developers

                        in the areas of environmental science, remote sensing, GIS, and machine learning interested in testing and contributing to our missions


                   engaging with ambitious corporates interested in offsetting emissions and carbon project developers focused on ecological restoration/conservation


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"As an emerging carbon project developer, our biggest risk and time spent lay in preparing and engaging in validation and verification. Gazelle Hub creates a one stop shop for bringing and engaging all stakeholders from site origination to the generation of monitoring reports. By leveraging the Hub's range of features from integrated ensemble modelling to automated project design document writing, we can save significant time and money without sacrificing any transparency or rigor. We're excited for our ongoing collaboration with the Gazelle team and look forward to piloting the Hub platform this year."

Kevin Silverman

Cofounder & VP of Product at Kateri Environmental Corp.



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