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Ecological Restoration

Reaching net-zero through optimized rangeland management in Africa's Kalahari

Reaching net-zero

Nature-based offsets

Gazelle restores grasslands to fight climate change 


Optimize stocking

We help ranchers adopt sustainable practices maintaining carrying capacity 

Sequester Carbon

Protecting grasslands helps improve their carbon sequestration potential

Offset Emissions

We list verified offsets to help organizations reach net-zero

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Our technology

Gazelle's App

Enabling ranchers to sustainably manage grasslands, improve sequestration, and plugin to carbon markets

Forecast Carrying Capacity

Plan Stocking Densities

EVI Classification via GEE API

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Our  progress

Climate Impact

Grasslands cover ~40% of the Earth's surface, hold 15% of global soil carbon and are home to 30% of humanity


UN SDGs hit


Acres of grasslands protected


Tonnes of CO2 emissions offset

Our Mission

Impact Driven Approach

In alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Investing in Communities

Gazelle commits a share of every GHG offset to re-investing in communities to promote sustainable development projects. Our active re-investment into communities promotes long-term sustainability by rewarding better pastureland management.

Pictured (to the left) consultation with local stakeholders in Botswana's Kgalagadi South District (July 2022)


Supporting Local Research

Our partnership with the Kalahari Science Institute, one of the few permanent research stations in the Kalahari, provides a logistics hub for Gazelle's operations. The KSI is set to expand with a wet lab, herbarium and conference spaces being completed by summer 2023 supporting a broad range of environmental science research.

Pictured (to the right) the Kalahari Science Institute Research Station outside Tshabong, Botswana (July 2022)


Protecting Biodiversity

Maintaining biodiversity is key to preserving ecosystems at risk. Gazelle prioritizes choosing project site locations alongside Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) which serve as increasingly threatened buffer zones between wildlife and civilian populations.

Pictured (to the left) a wild elephant roaming near the team's campsite outside Shorobe, Botswana (August 2022)

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Learn more

Stay in the loop

Recent podcasts covering Gazelle's progress 

Conservation Spotlight: MODISA Wildlife Project

Tune in to a conversation between Val Grüner and the Gazelle team demystifying carbon markets. Episode 15 "Can Carbon Offset Save the Kalahari?" discusses our collaboration with MODISA to establish Botswana's 1st offset project.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

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Conservation to Carbon Markets: our founding story at UT Austin

Listen to a conversation between Amod Daherkar & Ben Breed, two of our co-founders, discussing our founding story and involvement in Botswana. Hosted by UT Austin, this is part of a broader series celebrating McComb's 100th anniversary.

Listen on StoryCorps #McCombs 100

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