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 June 2023

Smart Land Management: the Ranch Resource Sentinel App


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The Ranch Resource Sentinel App is a smart rangeland management tool providing carrying capacity and stocking rate forecasts informing data-driven ranching practices. The app is a response to the increasing rate of overgrazing, bush encroachment, and destructive land-use practices negatively impacting semi-arid grassland ecosystems. Our v1.0, which was released Summer 2022, completed a successful limited trial across ranches in Botswana's Kalahari Desert and lush Okavango River Delta. Our team is thrilled to announce the release of our public facing v2 on both iOS and Android

Figure 1: v2 App release

At its core, the RRS is a carrying capacity optimization calculator which enables ranchers to make smart stocking density decisions. The app uses an innovative approach to calculate carrying capacity by classifying a property in different zones based on Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI). The carrying capacity can be calculated for every EVI zone on a property via Google Earth Engine API, yielding a highly accurate output. The app relies on ground-truthing through the use of grassy and woody data entered by the user in order to calculate carrying capacity based on the number and type of livestock present.

Economic Forecasts
The RRS provides financial forecasts based on optimal stocking rates and meat market prices. Prices are indexed to the latest data for export grade cattle to the European Union from Kalahari-region countries and other markets. Forecasts provide an estimate on expected returns based on optimized scenarios enabling ranchers to understand the economic implications of their decisions.

Download the App
Gazelle's Ranch Resource Sentinel App is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android.


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