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Our process

Protecting Ecosystems

Gazelle employs internationally approved methodologies to develop, sustain and scale offset projects

Estimate Carbon

Gazelle uses Baseline Emission Models, active fieldwork and peer reviewed data to asses baseline carbon stocks

Track Overgrazing

Using satellite data, Gazelle conducts a land-cover & land-use analysis to model what would have occurred in the absence of a project

Monitor Offsets

Our GHG offsets are issued by International Carbon Registry and verified by industry-leading third party auditors

Current initiatives

Project pipeline

Gazelle restores nature at scale

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Savannah Grasslands, Botswana | 14,000 ha

Modisa Conservation Project

A trailblazer in sustainable game ranching, MODISA sets the standard for preserving wildlife. MODISA is Botswana's 1st carbon offset project protecting 17,000 hectares of savannah grasslands from conversion to commercial development along KD15 - one of the largest wildlife buffer zones bordering the Kalahari Transfrontier National Park.

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Savannah Grasslands, Botswana | 38,818 ha

Thakadu-Kanana Project

The Thakadu-Kanana Conservation Project (TKCP) protects over 38,818 hectares of savannah grassland ecosystems from land-use conversion in Botswana’s northern Ghanzi District. The project combats one of the largest ecological threats to the Kalahari’s sequestration potential: land degradation. By protecting native grasslands from impending conversion not only does the TKCP maintain and improve sequestration outcomes but sustains endangered wildlife populations. 

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Exceeding ESG Goals

Work together

Fulfill ESG goals and drive ecological sustainability

Fulfilling ESG Commitments

Maintaining the integrity of our offsets is key. Gazelle is committed to the continual monitoring of our projects through site inspections and annual MVR reports.  Our dedication to re-investing in communities, supporting environmental research and building resilient ecosystems depends on committed industry partners. 

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